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After 7 years, Dot's Pretzels is Releasing a Second Savory Flavor

We can taste them already

September 17, 2019

If you can taste the salty, garlicy goodness of "Dot's Pretzels" just by reading or saying their name, you're definitely not the only one. 

The savory snack that goes perfect with an ice cold beer while your sitting around camp fires, watching storms from your backyard and yelling at the Vikings from your couch on game day, has just announced that they are releasing a second flavor. 

According to the City Pages, we know it will be "Southwest Style," they will be choosing test markets for fall 2019 and will be launched in spring of 2020. 

With them being in North Dakota, we can only hope that Minnesota will be selected as a test market. 

Some of you have waited 7 years for this moment...... Some of you have asked over and over for another flavor.... And today is the day that you find out that we are launching our 2nd flavor in 2020!!!! --DOT'S SOUTHWEST STYLE PRETZELS-- #DotsPretzels #BestPretzelEver #NewFlavor *Test Market in Fall of 2019* **Launch Spring 2020** ***Stay Tuned for more details***

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