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Beware of This New Cash Scam That's Targeting Restaurants Near Pharmacies

September 11, 2019

For the last couple of days numerous restaurant managers are coming forward to share their stories of a gentleman coming into their store, saying that their daughter is having an asthma attack and needs help covering the co-pay until his wife can bring him money; he promises to return within 45 minutes to an hour to pay the manager back, but never returns. 

Tanner Anderson via Facebook

Many of these managers, of course, have given him the money and then feel foolish because they were trying to do a good deed; only to be taken advantage of. 

It seems the one thing many of these incidents have in common is that the restaurant is in a strip mall/plaza that's near a pharmacy; so if you manage or work in places like Jets, Subway, Caribou, any business really; beware. 

We shared this story on the air and a licensed pharmacy tech called to inform us that pharmacies do have the ability to give out life saving medication for free, at their own discretion. It wouldn't hurt to either call 911 or the pharmacy directly to let them know you're sending someone in distress over to their location.