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Binge Brag: 'Criminal' on Netflix

This should be your next Netflix binge

September 23, 2019

Hi, I'm Mandy...and I'm a bingeaholic. 

Yes, I know that's not even a word, but it accurately sums up my ability to watch an entire season of brand new show on Netflix, in one sitting. It's sad, I know, but maybe one day someone will actually start paying me a lot of money for the feedback I give on their original movies and series. 

Until then, I bring you "Binge Brag," a blog about the show or shows I'm most excited about watching, and I hope I'll be able to convince you to watch them too...because I can't get my boyfriend to watch any of them so I NEED someone to talk about them with. 

This week I'm watching Criminal, a unique crime drama that takes you inside an interrogation room and brilliantly shines a light on the complexities of the questioning process between detectives and their suspects.  It's far more complicated to question someone who's wanted for murder than you think; you really get to see that it takes someone who's emotionally intelligent, critical and manipulative to do this kind of work. 

The interrogations take place in 4 different countries, with each country focusing on three separate cases; the include the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France. 

Be prepared to listen intently as the interviews take you on a roller coaster of emotions- from the very beginning, the suspect insists that they know they're being manipulated and refuse to give in to the detective's tactics; but eventually those tactics seem to work; but not before the suspect tries some manipulation of their own. Just when you think you know they're guilty, you'll be second guessing your verdict and the case will take a surprising turn; turning everything on it's head. 

What's more, is that each case is very compelling and unique, and because none of the episodes are connected, it makes for an easy watch because you don't have to watch them in order. 

Unfortunately, I can't say anymore without spoiling it for you, so just go watch Criminal on!