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Binge Brag: 'Marianne' on Netflix

This French horror series is a must watch

September 16, 2019

Hi, I'm Mandy...and I'm a bingeaholic. 

Yes, I know that's not even a word, but it accurately sums up my ability to watch an entire season of brand new show on Netflix, in one sitting. It's sad, I know, but maybe one day someone will actually start paying me a lot of money for the feedback I give on their original movies and series. 

Until then, I bring you "Binge Brag," a blog about the show or shows I'm most excited about watching, and I hope I'll be able to convince you to watch them too...because I can't get my boyfriend to watch any of them so I NEED someone to talk about them with. 

This week, I wanted to start with the French horror series, Marianne; which follows the story of Emma, a writer who turned her teenage nightmares of Marianne, a witch and wife of a demon, into a best selling collection of scary books. 

In those books unfolds the tale of an evil; dark figure with skeletal fingers that donned wolf-like claws for nails and a blindfold covering the windows to her dark soul, that terrorizes Emma's hometown of Elden. It's as if everything Emma wrote about from her nightmares seemed to happen in real life. 

When she's sent away to keep the town safe, she quickly rises to fame with another collection of books about the heroine, Lizzie Lark, who comes to save the small French town and free them for the evil witch. But Emma doesn't want to write horror anymore, she wants to write about happier things, so when she announced that she was done with Marianne and Lizzie, that's when things take a turn for the worse.


At Emma's final book signing, a distraught childhood friend comes to see her with a request...more like a demand, for her to return home and keep writing about Marianne because it's the only way she will be able to save not only herself, but the entire town. This evil spirit is no longer just plaguing Emma in her dreams, she's bringing harm to the real world...and it's horrifying. 

If you were a fan of the Haunting of Hill House, then you will absolutely love Marianne; in fact, I think it's even scarier. It took less than a minute of episode one to be totally terrified. It's unnerving, filled with scares that will have you covering your eyes and jumping out of your seat, and it's delightfully unpredictable. Maybe don't watch it alone; in the dark.

I already can't wait for season two.