Carver County Jail, Carver County Courthouse, Carver County Government Center

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Carver County Sheriff Gets Touching 'Thank You' Note from Inmate

January 7, 2020

If you've ever been to jail before, and you're there long enough to notice, the conditions aren't exactly all that great; cells can be crowded, there's one metal toilet along the backwall for you and 17 other people to share, the lighting makes you look like you're suffering from sea sickness and the food is well...nourishing at best. 

But from the sounds of it, that's not exactly how things are at the Carver County jail; at least not according to a "thank you" note that an inmate wrote to Carver County sheriff, Jason Kamerud.

According to Bring Me the News, the unknown inmate is currently being held at the jail and in the letter they thank the sheriff for an exceptionally clean and well maintained facility, they commend the staff for being patient and kind; and it’s been a safe environment for personal reflection. 

Perhaps I'm biased because I grew up right down the road from the Carver County jail, but this does not surprise me in the least. Having grown up in Chaska, I've found myself in that facility a couple of times and despite the negative circumstances around my visit(s), it's always been a positive experience. 

This letter is proof that the people who continue to live and work in Carver County are exceptional people and strive to not only help others, but help themselves.