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The Wolf Wake Up Crew Places Prop Bets for the CMA Awards

Place your bets

November 13, 2019

The biggest night in country music is tonight; it's the Country Music Association Awards, and instead of making our picks or creating a drinking game, the Wolf Wake Up Crew came up with a list of prop bets.  Place yours and see how well you did tomorrow morning. 

The Wolf Wake Up Crew CMA Prop Bets:

  • BRAD PAISLEY will crash the opening monologue by Carrie Underwood like he's the regularly scheduled co-host?     YES/NO?
  • Over/Under at ONE on the number of Gwen and Blake jokes in the monologue?
  • Will there be product placement for Luke Combs "Beer Never Broke My Heart" performance? 
  • When Reba sings FANCY...yes or no...will she come out in a fur coat like she used to when she sang it in her concerts?
  • How many baby sharks will be on stage when Garth and Blake sing DIVE BAR? Over or under TWO?
  • During the entire show, will we see a “Tide” ad? (It All comes out in the Wash)
  • Will we hear the [Brad Paisley> Nationwide jingle either in an ad or during the show?
  • Will Luke Combs shotgun a beer during “Beer Never Broke my heart”?
  • Will there be a Video montage of country artists when they were young during “Remember You Young”
  • Will Justin Bieber be in attendance?
  • Opening Female performance including performers and musicians how many cowboy hats will appear on stage?  Over/Under is 4
  • How many costume changes will Dolly, Reba and Carrie have? 8, 10 or 15?
  • Will a couple announce that they're pregnant on the red carpet?
  • Will Mark from Midland's wife go into labor tonight?
  • Will Thomas Rhett's daugthers be wearing matching outfits?
  • Will Carrie and Dolly get Reba to wear one outfit with rhinestones? 

All the fun begins tonight at 7PM on ABC. 

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