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A 'Friends' Themed Coffee Shop is Coming to Wisconsin and It Looks Just Like Central Perk

October 7, 2019

Before the 25th anniversary of the popular TV sitcom, Friends, this year, it seemed the only way to really experience the legacy of the show was to travel to New York City; don't get me wrong, it's probably the best way to have the most authentic experience, but it can get expensive. 

Which is why Friends fanatics have been taking advantage of everything this anniversary year has to offer; from pop-up shops and Instagrammable photo opps, their cozy line of clothing and now this- a Friends themed coffee-shop with open mic nights just like Central Perk. 

According to their Facebook page, Cup O'Joe Coffee House  (should've been Cup of Joey if you ask me) has plans of opening a coffee shop in Twin Lakes (just outside of Lake Geneva), that will serve up coffee, juice, tea, Matcha, Chai, Cold Pressed Juice, Hot Cocoa, Italian Sodas, and even some Kombucha. Food will also be served; hopefully by a bleach blonde that looks just like Gunther. You can expect gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb, and keto options, plus traditional goodies, too. 

As of now, there isn't an opening date scheduled but it will be opening soon.