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Holy Chip, Science Confirms Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Just as Addictive as Drugs

Well this explains a lot

October 20, 2019

Quick, hand me the phone, because it's time for me to call the Betty Ford Clinic, I mean...the Betty Crocker clinic; because if this recent research about chocolate chip cookies is true, then it's time for me to go to rehab. (Which by the way, drug addiction is no laughing matter, and if you think you or a loved one has an issue with drugs are alcohol, please encourage them to get the help that they need.) 

According to ABC 7, new research revealed that the ingredients in chocolate chip cookies trigger the same response in the brain as cocaine and marijuana does.  

Of course is has to do with the amount of sugar per cookie and the compounds found in chocolate; and when you put the two together, it doubles your addiction to the chewy, gooey, goodness. 

Seems to make sense. 

But, does this make Cookie Monster a dealer?