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This Eagan Restaurant Is Serving Up Chicken Sandwiches Better Than Popeye's

"This is why the chicken crossed the road"

September 6, 2019

We may have found the answer to the Popeye's Chicken sandwich crisis. 

After running out of sandwiches two weeks ago, people have been losing their minds over not being able to get one; with some people going as far as storming the restaurant with a gun after being told they were all sold out. 

Please, don't do that. Just go to Burgers and Bottles in Eagan instead. 

Just take a look at this fried chicken sandwich (which looks like Nashville Hot chicken BTW)  that sits on buttered and grilled bun, and is covered in pickles and what looks like a creamy ranch sauce. 

Food lovers were quick to comment on how tasty it looked with Benito saying, "That thing looks like it could put down chic-fil-a and popeyes."

And we sure hope it does because this looks like it's worth a trip to Eagan.