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Edina Dethrones St. Cloud as the Worst City in Minnesota

Why do we hate Edina so much?

October 31, 2019

If you totally get why I used a picture of a guy eating cake as the featured image for this post, then there's a pretty good chance that you're just one of the many people in Minnesota who hate Edina, home of the cake eaters. 

"Every day I need attention" is their motto and now "worst city in Minnesota" is officially their new slogan. 

That's according to Matt Shirley, who conducted the survey on Instagram and released the results on Twitter. 

While no explanation was given as to why, I'm not really sure we can rely on some random guy on Twitter to officially make the call that Edina is the absolute worst.  

Can we? Let's discuss. 

Is it the worst because the high school kids chant "that's alright that's ok you will work for us one day" at sporting events?

Are residents of Edina more entitled than the rest of us? 

Or is it because Karen will rear end you in her Cadillac Escalade and be completely and totally unapologetic?

I know, it's because they're wealthy and spoiled. 

Maybe it's just plain fun to make fun of them because they're well...cake eaters.