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Farmington Mom Launches 'Angel Fund' to Help Eliminate School Lunch Debt

Let's help pay it forward

October 17, 2019

As someone who grew up poor, was homeless in high school and had a child at 18, being hungry and feeling the shame of not being able to afford to fill your child's school lunch account is something that is all too familiar to me.

Even with subsidized lunch, it was sometimes hard to send money to school because you had to make a choice- pay rent and fill the gas tank so you could get to work to make money to pay that rent, or hope that your child could make it through the day and not be hungry. 

Sadly, that's the reality for a lot of Minnesota families; and a mom in Farmington has taken the initiative to do something about it. 

In a touching post on Facebook, Sandra Brown explains that her daughter, who graduated from Farmington in 2012, recently shared that a friend of hers was always hungry at school, but didn't have any money; all she could get was a cheese sandwhich. That's when Sandra decided to take action and she created the "Angel Fund" to help pay for student's school lunches. 

She says, 

"Alright who in Farmington would like to match my donation in clearing some school lunch accounts locally? I just committed to $50 by sending in a check to our local schools. I made a phone call to Farmington Food Services and there is significant need, she didn't give me a full number but could you help bring those accounts down? She even asked if I knew anyone specific but I do not. I would just like to send a check and they could spread it out to a couple families if they wish.

My daughter graduated from Farmington in 2012, she always had $ in her account and embarrassed to say we did get upset with her a time or two when the account went negative and kept thinking that was more than enough for a month, what is she eating!? She finally shared that a friend was hungry and didn't have $ except to get a cheese sandwich or something like that. We just asked she let us know when she did this but don't let anyone take advantage of her.

So, please pay it forward, I know I have gone through a drive through and had lunch paid for me, lets pay for our kids so students have a full belly to finish their studies. If you are not in Farmington, contact your local school, I can bet you will be told the same thing, there are negative accounts with children getting a cheese sandwich for lunch.

Please send a check to:

Farmington School Food Service

510 Walnut Street, Farmington, MN 55024

and make the checks out to Angel Fund

Mine is going in the mail today. How about you? Come on Farmington!! Lets flood the mail box with Angel Checks!!!"

Parents are loving the idea and are already putting their checks in the mail. 

If you'd like to make a donation to the "Angel Fund" you can send your check, for any amount, to the address above.