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Garth Brooks Cried at a Bruno Mars Concert

Now he knows how we feel

September 30, 2019

If you've ever seen Garth Brooks perform live, there is a pretty good chance that his performance moved you to tears; heck, I'm willing to bet that just hearing his music on the radio is enough to makeeven a grown man cry; but have you ever wondered if Garth has ever had that same kind of experience as a fan in the crowd himself? 

The answer is "yes;" and you won't believe who the artist was- Bruno Mars. 

Brooks shared the story on Martina McBride's Vocal Point podcast. He said he took Miss Yearwood to one of Bruno's shows in Kentucky where they sat in the audience, sang along, cheered along with the crowd, and it was when everyone took out their smartphone and lit up the venue with their flashlights. It was at that moment that Brooks felt what it was like to be one of us and the flood gates just burst. 

He tells Martina, "The crazy thing was with Bruno Mars it was the first time ever in my life I got to put the light on my phone . . . and sing.  And I cried like a baby the whole time I did it 'cause I'm thinking, 'Wow, this is what they're feeling.'" 

It's an amazing feeling, isn't it?