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This Heated Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car is the Only Thing Missing From Your Christmas Wish List

For the cold friends in your life

October 17, 2019

My fellow always-cold-cuties, prepare to rejoice and then get ready to send out a mass text to your friends and family to let them know that you have only one thing you want for Christmas this year- the heated blanket that plugs into your car. 

No more cold commutes for you; and you can save your money on purchasing a new car with heated seats because the electric car fleece blanket can be yours for just $23.97 on Amazon

According to the description, it heats up quickly, stays warm until you unplug it and it also has a 96-foot cord so even the passengers in the backseat can stay warm on holiday road trips, at tailgating parties, and more importantly, during emergencies. 

It also comes in different colors and it obviously makes the perfect gift. Get one here

[H/T: Totally the Bomb]