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Guy Brings an Emotional Support Clown to His Firing Because Why Not?

September 16, 2019

You know how when you get fired from a job here in the United States you never get a warning? Sure, you might've felt it coming, but you weren't exactly prepared to be blindsided at the end of your shift with an empty box that you were told to fill with your belongings and get to steppin'. 

If only the same employment laws in New Zealand applied here, because there, employers not only give you a heads up that you're being terminated, they're legally required to let the employee bring along a, quote, "support person" like a friend, their spouse, or their lawyer.

Or, if you're Josh Thompson, you bring in an emotional support CLOWN.

When Josh got an email from his boss to discuss his future with the company, he knew he was getting the boot; that's when he called a man who donned two red boots, full clown make up, and made balloon animals while Josh was getting fired; all for $125. 

Check it out.  

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