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Halloween is About to be as Lit As Your Jack-O-Lantern with This Trick-or-Treating Drinking Game

October 30, 2019

For years, grown ups have been saying that we need an adult version of trick-or-treating; imagine going door-to-door and getting tiny bottles of booze, packets of ibuprofen, Viagra, coupons for free Chipotle Boo-Ritos, and Caribou gift cards thrown into your pillow case. 

Ha, who are we kidding. You and I both know that once you're home for the night, the thought of collecting a bag of goodies, just to get some steps in, is not on your agenda. You'd much rather just stay at home and do some drinking. Besides, you can order all that stuff from Amazon and have it delivered in two hours. 

And when the delivery driver arrives, you should take a drink, because this is your Halloween drinking game. (p.s. you can take this to the bar with you, too)

  • Every time you open the door and hear "Trick or Treat!" you sling back a shot.
  • Every time you see someone with an outfit of the Joker, drink.
  • Drink every time you want to eat a piece of candy that is supposed to be for the trick-or-treaters.
  • Drink every time some teenager rings the bell, doesn't say a word and just holds out a bag.
  • Sip every time someone has to explain their costume to you.
  • Every time someone says “boo,” drink.
  • Drink whenever you see a smashed pumpkin.
  • When a kid comes to your door with a snowsuit over their costume, take a shot. 
  • Every time someone tells a ghost story, knock back an entire Bloody Mary.
  • Drink everytime you see a "sexy" something costume that is just a head band and revealing clothing
  • Take a drink for every animal dressed up that visits your house
  • Chug every time you hear a remix of "Thriller."
  • If it snows, drink the entire bottle of wine.