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Emotional Support Horse Takes Flight With American Airlines

Come fly the more NEIGHborly skies

September 4, 2019

You know that famous line, "You've got a a bar," from the movie Sweet Home Alabama? Take that line and change the words to, "you've got a mini an airport." 

That's exactly what comes to mind when you see that, according to the Guardian, a woman was able to bring her emotional support horse on a departing American Airlines flight in Chicago. 

Heads were turning as Flirty, the mini service horse, made her way through the airport with her owner, Abrea Hensley and successfully boarded the airplane. 

Hensley, who suffers from a variety of ailments including depression, severe anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD, says Flirty is fully trained and is considered a “psych & mobility service horse."

While some people agree that the emotional support animal thing is getting way out of control, others were happy to see American Airlines being so accommodating. 

Flirty even has her own Instagram account. 

Here’s a great picture from @aastews of the flight crew from American Airlines! They were fantastic and kind and very excited to see Flirty on their flight! Even the pilots had to come out to say hi.

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No word on whether or not Flirty joined the Mile Hay Club.