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Can Mandy Make a Roll of Toilet Paper Last Two Weeks?

How long can you make a roll of toilet paper last?

September 20, 2019

Can you spare a square? If you're Felicity Huffman's cell mate, her answer will probably be, "I don't have a square to spare; I can't spare a square." 

Word on the street is that when Huffman turns herself into prison, she'll only get one roll of toile paper for two weeks. That's according to the Inquistir that says the Federal Correctional Institution, which only houses non-violent female offenders, will provide her with a jumpsuit, a kit that has all the necessary hygeine items, and a roll of toilet paper; which is only provided every other week to inmates. 

Since Huffman will be there two weeks, that means she will only get one roll to use the entire time. Can she do it? Could you do it? 

I'll do it. Or at least I'll give it a try. Starting today, September 19th, I'll set aside one roll of toilet paper and see if I can make it last for two weeks. Go ahead and place your bets now and I'll provide you with daily updates.