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KFC is Taking Our Chicken Sandwich Obsession to the Next Level with Donut Buns

Our chicken sandwich don't want none unless it got donut buns hun

September 17, 2019

What the cluck is going on with our chicken sandwich obsession? 

It was only a matter of time for Kentucky Fried Chicken to hatch a plan to top both Chic-Fil-A and Popeye's, and I think they can do it with their newest artery clogging creation- a chicken sandwich with donuts for buns. 

According to USA Today, KFC has placed a fried chicken breast in between two glazed donuts and its currently being tested at 40 restaurants in Virginia and Pittsburgh. The sandwich costs $7.50.

And the donuts? These aren't gas station glazed, y'all. KFC is dipping their donuts in a fryer and then glazing them to make sure they are hot and fresh. WHOA! 

Now, we wait. Until then, do you think we could convince our local KFC's to go BYOD- bring your own donut? 

The Wolf Wake Up Crew didn't wait for the donut chicken sandwich to make its way to Minneapolis, they made their own.