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Get EGGcited, KFC Is Now Serving Fries That Taste Like Their Chicken

September 6, 2019

If you love the taste of 11 herbs and spices on your KFC fried chicken, you're probably really going to like this EGGciting news from they Today Show- "Secret Recipe Fries" have been spotted at midwest KFCs.  As in, that secret recipe is being dusted all over golden strips of starchy; crispy potatoes. 

This is probably the next best thing to just eating nothing but the skin straight off the chicken leg. 

KFC SECRET RECIPE FRIES ---- @kfc seasoning their new fries like fried chicken now!!! These might replace potato wedges, would you be down for that? --: @pham_bot #FOODBEAST #dailyfoodfeed #fastfoodnews #kfc #kfcfries #kfcsecretrecipefries #secretrecipefries #fries #frenchfries #fastfood #outhereflourishing

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As of right now, they've only been spotted in California and Indiana; but if we start demanding their nationwide release, perhaps we can get them to come to Minnesota even faster. 

If that doesn't work, maybe if you ask nicely enough, the person behind the counter will just toss some of that secret recipe goodness on their already existing potatoe wedges.