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Kris Lindahl via Facebook

Kris Lindahl Makes Generous Donation to Super Fan's Cause After Birthday Card Goes Viral

“his heart is bigger than his billboards”

September 18, 2019

Is it safe to say that any and everyone living in the state of Minnesota knows who Kris Lindahl is? 

Sure, you know his face and those long arms of his, but do you actually KNOW him?

Let me tell you what I know- he's by far one of the nicest guys I've ever met. My first encounter with Kris was at a Cole Swindel show, and I think I was more excited to meet him than I was to meet Cole. 

My boss introduced us and he gave Kris my backstory; Kris quickly showed interest in who I was, how I landed the job, and even offered to help my boyfriend with his plaster and drywall business once he relocated here. I thought that was pretty cool. 

He's always been a stand up guy who spends his time being a doting dad, a motivational speaker and a good guy who gives back; even to people he doesn't even know. 

Monica Alley, of Circle Pines, recently celebrated her birthday and her husband gave her a Kris Lindahl birthday card that was absolute perfection. 

When Kris saw it going around on social media, he reached out to Monica and offered to grant her birthday wish if the photo of the card got 1,000 shares...and it did!

Kris kept his promise and granted Monica's wish- to raise awareness and money for her organization, Hope 4 Youth. 

And not only did he donate to the cause, who's mission is to end youth homelessness in the north metro including all of Anoka County and parts of Hennepin County.; but he helped her surpass their goal with his contribution. 

Monica was so excited; incredibly grateful and she wants everyone to know Kris' "heart is bigger than his billboards."

If you're interested in learning more about Hope 4 Youth, please visit their Facebook page. They have a gala coming up on October 5th and are still looking for items for their live auction.