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Lino Lakes Police Department via Facebook

Lino Lakes PD Tries to End 'TP Wars'; Ends Up Getting Trolled by Parents Instead

It's all in good fun

September 26, 2019

You know the saying "you gotta give 'em credit for trying?" 

That's the message for the Lino Lakes Police Department who's getting trolled by parents after they kindly requested that they have a talk with their teens about 'TPing' homes during homecoming week. 

In a Facebook post, LLPD explains that they've been getting numerous complaints from residents about the activity and they need the help of moms and dads to make it stop. They say, "We understand the argument of kids will be kids BUT we also understand community member’s frustration with this activity. Please help us stop this from continuing."

The response to the post was not only overwhelming, with over 500 comments, it was suprisingly in favor of NOT talking to their kids and allowing them to carry on the tradition. Parents were legit telling the police "no" and eluded to the fact that they will NOT talk to their kids about a long standing tradition that according to one parent, has turned into an art form. Mary says, "The kids doing it are really getting the hang of it, I see some impressive trees on my way to work!"

Some of the other comments include:

  • Stacy, "We got tpd and ya know what? Life went on! It was all in good fun. We have enough to worry about. Let the kids have fun!"
  • Heather, " I wish someone would TPD my house! I think it all fun! Dang, people are so sensitive these days!"
  • Jen, " I think it’s great that kids are still carrying on with this harmless tradition!! It’s so much better than the crazy things they could be doing and when I see it, it makes me smile!!"
  • Amy, "We got hit last night. I told my son when he picked it up to save the rolls-free toilet paper!"
  • Katie, "I’ll take some toilet paper in the trees, if that means they aren’t out doing drugs or stuck on their IPads and video games."
  • Staci, "If I bought my son the toilet paper does that mean I'm an accessory to the TPing?"
  • Linsey, "I wish someone would come throw those rolls still rolled in my yard . . . I'd gladly take it. My kids go through it too fast it would save a Costco trip for sure."
  • Ben, "This is a “kids only” activity? Asking for a friend."

And lastly, a student jumped in to explain that the schools are in a "TP War" and here's how it works: 

"To sum it up, it’s a “war” between the juniors and seniors to see who can tp the most of each other’s houses. We get points when we get a senior’s house, and the seniors get points when they get a junior’s house. There are specific rules we must follow, otherwise we aren’t allowed the points. Using items like rubber bands and eggs are strictly not allowed. Also, TPing the homes of people who aren’t juniors or seniors isn’t allowed either. TP Wars have never been intended to make this big of a deal. We are simply trying to have some fun to celebrate homecoming week! I can speak on behalf of my parents and many other parents when I say that they don’t mind it. All of us kids don’t mind cleaning it up in the morning either. Parents are more worried about their children getting citations for throwing some toilet paper on their friends homes then about their tree getting some decoration. Personally, I think it’s exciting to say that I got TP’d! It’s not out of hate, we TP to have fun and get points! On the plus side.... it shouldn’t disrupt the neighborhoods because we’re always making sure we’re quiet when we do it!!! It sucks to see that a few cranky people are trying to strip away our traditions. I hope that Lino Lakes PD, Centennial Lakes PD and the community can give us a break! You only live once, so make it count!"

Seriously, if you have time today, go and read more of the comments.