Big Lake police department, public shaming on Facebook

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Big Lake Police Address Serious Problem with Neighborhood Group Pages on Facebook

Think before you post

October 24, 2019

A Big Lake man was humiliated this week after a "concerned citizen" quickly snapped photos of his truck and took to their neighborhood group page on Facebook to publicly shame him for being a "creeper." 

The parent who posted it claims that the driver was taking photos of her son from his vehicle. The post, which was screen shotted and shared in the "You Know You're From Blaine, MN If..." page, said, "This creeper was taking pics of houses on Fair Meadows Drive. But what irritated me was when he rolled down his window, he clearly took a pic of my son and neighbor boy at their bus stop. I am NOT OK with that. Be on the look out."

Obviously, this sparked a lot of phone calls to the Big Lake Police Department, and the person who manages their social media pages had a message for those of you who don't think before you post. 

No one should ever be made to feel this way. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood or someone is making you feel uncomfortable, call the police first; don't post it on Facebook.