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Luke Combs Brings Everyone to Tears When He Serenades a St. Judes Kid on Stage

We're not crying, you're crying

October 7, 2019

Even though his show was a little over a week ago, I'm still replaying moments from the Luke Combs concert in my mind; specifically when he sang "Dear Today."

I'm not sure if it was the power of him standing up there all alone on stage with just his guitar and the spotlight, if it was the lyrics, or the Vegas bombs I had about an hour earlier, but I just began to sob. Luke is so special and his music speaks to so many people in so many different ways;  no matter how old they are. 

Just ask Hudson, who's now known as the "St. Judes Kid" after Combs spotted his sign in the crown and then invited him on stage for a big hug, then asked him if he wanted to remain up there while he sang a song. Hudson gave an enthusiastic nod and said "I want to stay."

Combs began to sing "This One's for You," and in a truly touching moment, the little boy broke down crying halfway through the song, using his t-shirt to wipe away his tears.

This is probably the sweetest things I've ever seen. 

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