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Mankato Liquor Store Immediately Sells Out of PBR 99 Packs; Tells Us How to Get More

'You'll need help taking this down and passing it around'

November 13, 2019

Looking for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life? MGM Wine and Spirits in Mankato HAD the perfect gift, but by the time we figured out they had the Pabst Blue Ribbon 99 pack, they were all sold out. 

I did get some good intell when I called though. The store employee was nice enough to tell me that they got these because they asked for them; that's it. She suggested that I call my local liquor store and tell them I wanted these in stock and all they have to do is call their distributor and ask. 

It's worth a try; I is the season of giving afterall and liquor stores should want to give us a 99 pack of PBR. Am I wrong? 

By the way, the price is only $59.99.