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McDonald’s Is Giving Away It’s Fry and Burger Covered Clothing With Delivery Today

September 19, 2019

Don't have dinner plans? Don't worry, McDonald's has you covered...and in more ways than one.  If you order McDelivery through Uber Eats after 5 o'clock today, you could be covered from head to toeyour feet, body and booty could be covered because according to Food and Wine, Mickey D’s is doing a promo this week that lets you get free junk food-themed merch. 

They’re calling it the Global McDelivery Night In and here’s how it works. Just place a $10-minimum McDonald’s delivery order from Uber Eats and they’ll send you something from their collection at no charge.

You have to order after 5pm local time today (September 19th) and then you could receive socks, slippers, hair scrunchies, or a fries T-shirt. Supplies are limited, so you may want to order early to get the swag.