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This Minnesota Bakery Makes Boozy Pies in the Shape of Minnesota

They're almost too cute to eat

September 9, 2019

There are a lot of amazing food combos out there that are hard to beat- peanut butter and chocolate, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and the classic PB&J; but none of those can even compare to alcohol and pies. 

And nobody does booze infused filled pies better than Sara's Tipsy Pies out of Stillwater. 

According to the bakery's Facebook page, they make every tipsy pie with Sarah's hand-rolled crust and add a splashes of alcohol like 2 Gingers Irish whiskey, Finnegans Blonde Ale and wine. 

The pies, which can be found at Festival Foods, Hyvee, Lunds & Byerly's  and other small mom & pop grocery stores, were a huge hit at this year's Minnesota State Fair; they were an even bigger hit at a recent wedding where the punchy pies came in a petite, bite-size Minnesota shape. 

They are almost too cute to eat. 

To learn more about Sara's Tipsy Pies or to find a location that sells them near you, visit here