Most charitable states in the US

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Minnesota Named the Most Charitable State in the US

We drink a lot and we give a lot

December 9, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year to give and give back; and according to WalletHub, Minnesotans are the best at giving to their favorite charities. Maybe it's because we were also just named the state that binge drinks the most, which makes it easier for us to open up our hearts...and our wallets? 

Wallethub looked at several contributing factors to determine their results, including volunteer rate, amount of income donated and our share of sheltered homeless. 

Add up all points from all 19 factors and Minnesota ranked #1 overall, while falling to 3rd in "volunteering and service" and 4th in "charitable giving." 

North Dakota is trailing us at #7, Wisconsin came in at #17, South Dakota is at #35, and Iowa was 41st. 

With that said, we'd love for you to keep listening to 102.9 the Wolf as we have some fundraising opporunties coming up on December 19th and December 20th to raise money for Hope 4 Youth, an organization who's mission is to end youth homelessness.