Miranda Lambert, Miranda Lambert New Orleans

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Oh Hell GLOW, Miranda Lambert Slams Fans For Throwing Glow Sticks on Stage

Don't pi-- off Miranda while she's trying to connect with an audience

October 7, 2019

With Miranda Lambert bringing her "Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour" to the Xcel Energy Center next weekend (October 19th), there's some things you should plan on leaving at home: your man, your beach balls (she's not a fan and will destroy them on scene with a pocket knife. Try her, I dare you.) and lastly, glow sticks.

At a recent show in New Orleans, for whatever reason, people were tossing glow sticks on stage during what is usually an emotionally charged moment for a lot of Miranda's fans during "Over You."

I guess I don't get it. Aren't people in the pit usually an artist's biggest fans? Why spend all that money to not only act like a fool, but ruin it for everyone else around you. 

Please don't be that guy...or girl.