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Netflix Doesn't Want You Binge-Watching Their Shows Anymore

September 4, 2019

Picture this, it's a rainy Sunday afternoon and for once, you've got nothing going on. Perhaps you're a little tired and slighty hungover from the night before, the desire to do laundry and chores just isn't there and because no one wants to leave the house when it's wet and gloomy outside, brunch plans are out of the question. What do you do? 

If you're anything like me, you turn on Netflix, spend 2 hours picking a show, find one you like, and then watch the entire season in one; maybe two sittings. Last weekend I watched the entire third season of "13 Reasons Why," and then this past Sunday, I watched all ten episodes of "The A List," which I highly recommend BTW. (What I don't recommend is bragging about your ability to watch an entire season of one show like it's some big accomplishment...apparently it's kind of depressing. I usually tell people I do it for research purposes) 

But the ability to binge could soon go away as Netflix is changing their policies. According to, after pretty much inventing the idea of binge-watching, Netflix is pumping the brakes by releasing episodes weekly for certain TV shows, including a bunch of their originals.

The first show that will be released on a weekly basis instead of their usual big release is Collection 7 of "The Great British Baking Show."

Big sigh, I don't watch that show, but it's important to note that Netflix isn't doing this to annoy us; instead, they want fans to have conversations about the shows each week, like HBO had with "Game of Thrones" -- and to prevent spoilers from people who don’t have time to binge-watch the shows overnight.