People Love a Gift More If It's Poorly Wrapped

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People Will Love Your Gifts More If They're Poorly Wrapped

Just throw some newspaper on it

November 4, 2019

If you're a parent, have your kids ever begged to help you wrap Christmas presents? 

Instead of telling them "no" because you might think they're just getting in the way (that's why I was always told I couldn't help), let them wrap them ALL...except for theirs of course. 

If you trust them with scissors, sit them down with some wrapping paper and scotch tape; poor yourself a glass of wine and watch as they do a horrible job wrapping dad's coffee mug and grandma's new throw because a new study just revealed that people actually like your gifts more if they're poorly wrapped. 

Psychologists say it all comes down to expectations. When something is nicely wrapped, it sets a high expectation about the gift; increasing the chance of the person receiving the gift in being more disappointed. But if you just thrown some newspaper on it and wrap it 10 times in scotch tape, the person is expecting something pretty cheap; so when they open the present and it's spectacular, it leads them to be more surprised and excited. 

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