pizza hut, pizza hut cheez-it pizza, cheez-it pizza

Mandy James

Did We Just Get a Sneak Peak at a Cheez-It Pizza from Pizza Hut?

Please tell us this is real

September 1, 2019

UPDATE: It's been confirmed. According to our sources, Pizza Hut has added the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza to their menu. It looks like a giant Cheez-It stuffed with cheese and it comes with marinara for dipping. 


If there are two things in this world that I love to eat, it's pizza and Cheez-Its; especially during a long holiday weekend that usually includes camping, road trips and late night snacking to soak up all the alcohol; so you have to imagine how shocked I was when a friend of mine shared a photo of this pizza box on Facebook. 

pizza hut, pizza hut cheez-it pizza, cheez-it pizza
Mandy James

Stuffed Cheez-It pizza? Are you kidding me? A cheesy crust that's also filled with even more cheese, that you can dip in marinara? 

Yes, please. But is it real? 

According to the comments on Facebook it is; there's even a thread on Reddit that's talking about it too. 

The post includes a sneak peak of the product straight out of the box and people are saying that they'll be released September 2nd. That's just rumor from what I can tell. 

So, who can tell? Is the Cheez-It pizza real, or will Minnesota be one of the states (my friend who shared the photo is not local) that gets to miss out on this deliciousness? 

This guy might know: