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Poo~Pourri’s 'Giant Poo' Tour Is Coming to Minneapolis Next Year

October 24, 2019

Get ready to take a big whif; because we have a feeling that Poo-Pourri's 'Let That Sh*t Go' experience is going to be just that- the sh*t. 

According to (yes, that's the actual website), the stink masking spray that's been taking the shame out of "letting sh*t go...literally" now wants to give you an opportunity to let go of something else that thinks- your negativity. 

In an effort to free you from the toxic thoughts that consume your mind on a daily basis, they've created a unique experience that will allow you to free your mind, relax and have some fun. It's basically a giant, inflatable piece of poo that looks just like the poop emoji on your phone. 

Couple of sh!t heads in front of a giant piece of sh!t! @PooPourri dropped a giant load on the pier and yes, @busyphilipps and I had to check it out. It’s going on tour -- #letthat--go Check out to see where its headed next!

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Poo~Pourri CEO and creator, Suzy Batiz, says, "Poo~Pourri takes worry about bathroom odor off of the table. You can let that sh*t go. Now imagine if we could all let go of the other shit we hold in. The shit that is toxic to our beings and takes up space that could be used for better things.”

The "Giant Poo Tour" is coming to Minneapolis April 20th through May 3rd of 2020. Get all the details here