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Salted Caramel Milky Way Bars Are Coming Just in Time for Halloween

September 5, 2019

Alright pumpkin spice, all the hype around your return has officially come to an end because there's another fall flavor that's often forgotten that is by far superior...salted caramel. 

And it's not just for your lattes anymore either; because according to Geek Spin, Mars is releasing a salted caramel Milky Way bar in the "share size" in October, with full size bars being released in January 2020 as part of their official lineup. 

Mars says it will still be the same candy bar that you already know and love, it will just feature some  salt alongside the caramel. It’s unclear, however, whether the caramel filling itself is salted, or whether the salt is sprinkled on top of the bar, or both; but does it really matter? Just give us the salty/sweet combo and slowly back away.