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UPDATE: A 'Saved By the Bell' Revival Is Officially Happening

September 4, 2019

UPDATE: According to our sources, the Saved by the Bell reboot is officially happening. Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez are set to star as of right now. Get more details here.  


Are there some shows from your childhood that you really wish would come back? 

For a lot of 90s girls, Saved by the Bell definitely has to be one of them; and it's one of those shows where it might be safe to say that most people wouldn't roll their eyes at the thought of a reboot. Beverly Hills 90210 seems to be doing alright since it's return, so why not bring breathe some new life into Bayside High? It's not like you weren't already watching reruns of it at 4 AM on TBS when you can't sleep at night. 

Instead of watching reruns, how about some new episodes? According to, it could be happening. 

With the show celebrating it's 30th anniversary last month, there's been a lot of talk about staging a full reunion, and now, some kind of revival might be happening. As of right now, 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack), Mario Lopez (A.C.) and Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie) are in talks to participate the mystery project.

Mark-Paul said,  "All three of us know about it, this person that's going to tackle it.  If something came up, I'm sure all of us would want to be on board in some capacity, so there's that."

Elizabeth said a reunion show "has to be right," while Mario added that "obviously we couldn't be in high school still, so you'd have to be creative with the premise.  But it's fun to think about."  There's no word on the rest of the cast.