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Why You Should Stop Raking Your Leaves

Your back is so happy right now

October 22, 2019

As we head into the end of October and with an assist from the rain the last couple of days, we're really starting to see the leaves of yellow, red and brown litter our yards. 

For some of us who hate yardward, we look outside and think, "Oh great, can't wait to rake up all of those;" and for others it's more like, "let's go jump in a pile of leaves." Which are you?

Doesn't matter, because I have good news for both of you. According to Popular Science, you should not rake leaves this fall....or ever. Running them over with your lawn mower and mulching them is much better for your lawn and the environment. 

Realistically, the only people who need to rake their lawns are the people who love having a picture-perfect, pristine yard and convince themselves that it's great excercise.