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Should Minnesota Offer a Rental Service for Winter Coats?

This guy from Texas might be on to something

December 4, 2019

You know how when people come to visit Minnesota from out-of-state during the winter months, they never seem to come prepared?

It's not their fault; no one ever really knows what to expect unless they grew up here, so it's not surprising when they show up without a jacket and fool themselves into thinking that they'll be fine without it; and I have yet to meet one person who feels like spending the money on a new winter coat when they're only going to be here a few days. 

Sure, they can always borrow one if they're visiting family or friends and the Goodwill is an option if they're on a budget; but a post on Reddit got me to thinking that there might be another option- a jacket rental service. 

Lumoscicamino says,

"So I am from TX and am going to be visiting Rochester next Monday... I just looked at the weather and it was a low of 3... 3!!!!! I am horrified of becoming a human popsicle. This might be really dumb but is there a jacket rental service? If not, why? Don’t really wanna buy an expensive coat for a few days."

So...should Minnesota start a jacket rental service?

One Redditor doesn't think so, saying,

"I've never heard of a jacket rental service, and it would ruin the fun we have of watching people from warmer climes come to Minnesota in winter. Super Bowl week was HILARIOUS."

Could be a unique and fun way to make some extra cash!