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Sign This Petition to Get Kirk Cousins to Wear His Buzz Lightyear Onesie Under His Uniform During the Playoffs

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January 6, 2020

Remember that Buzz Lightyear onesie that Kirk Cousins wore to surprise homeless kids with costumes and trick-or-treating? 

There's somewhat of a chance you could see him wear it again....but that all depends on you. 

According to a post on Reddit, a Vikings fan has started a petition asking for your help; the goal? To get Cousins to wear that very costume under his uniform during the playoffs. The petition was created before the Saints game, but with the Vikes moving on in the playoffs, the hope is to keep the petition alive and see the boys in purple take our team to infinity and beyond. 

So far, the petition has 129 signatures, with a goal of 200. 

Sign the petition here