woman throws wedding themed birthday

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Mom Lives Her Best Single Life With Wedding Themed Birthday Party

Our invite got lost in the mail

August 28, 2019

If you're a strong, independant, hardworking woman who's too busy enjoying and loving living your best single life, but still love the idea of having a wedding (because getting dressed up in a beautiful dress, eating cake, drinking champagne and dancing the night away is your kind of night), then this is a great idea for you to have your wedding cake and eat it too- with a wedding themed birthday party. 

That's what single mom, Michele Plum, did to celebrate her 36th birthday. According to the New York Post, Michele was totally over seeing everyone around her get married and have babies, so she decided to give herself the gift of the best part about marriage- the wedding. 

Michele says, "I became a single mom in my early twenties. I've done all the hard parenting stuff and now I’m free. My life's brilliant. I have no intention of settling down."

Wedding invites were sent out on Facebook and guests were asked to wear their own wedding attire, including bridesmaids dresses, suits, Elvis costumes (yes, Elvis); even wedding dresses.

Sounds like fun.