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South Dakota's New Anti-Meth Campaign is a Little Methed Up

November 19, 2019

A Minneapolis marketing company has most of the Midwest and pretty much the entire internet scratching their heads (could be meth bugs?) over their new slogan for South Dakota's anti-meth campaign. 

According to Kare 11, the slogan, reads, "Meth. We're On It" and it's superimposed over the state outline.

Obviously, the internet is having a field day with it, wondering if it was a humble brag about the rising methaphematime epidemic, or if it meant they were on top of the issue.  Surely you know it's to raise awareness about the issue, and it did, with a lot of jokes. 

Another Twitter user even said, "If I lived in South Dakota, I'd be on meth too."

But, no matter how much you mock the slogan, the state's governor has a point when she says it's working, because it is; we are all talking about it.