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Disney and PSL Fans Will Love the Starbucks' 'Cinderella Latte'

September 5, 2019

Once upon a time there was a basic girl named Cinderella. All of the other basic girls in the land loved her, especially two baristas that worked at Starbucks named Taylor and Maddie. 

One night, as Cinderella was sitting in her plump pumpkin carriage, she thought to herself, "this would make a really great latte; but it needs a little something me." Hmmm, she thought and she thought, my goodness, what could it be?

She called her fairy god mother who suggested a pinch of fairy dust, then she asked her evil step sisters who said some kind of chocolate was a must. 

Cinderella immediately called Starbucks, asking what can I do? I have this wonderful drink idea and I can't make it without you. 

Taylor and Maddie got to thinking and with a bippity boppity boo, they came up with a drink that even non pumpkin spice lovers might like too. 

Maddie told Cinderella "we'll name the drink after you if that's OK," so tell everyone it's called the "Cinderella Latte." 

The end. 

Just kidding. But the Cinderella Latte is on Starbucks' secret menu and PSL lovers are obsessed. 

If you want it, it's a Pumpkin Spice Latte where you swap out half of the pumps of pumpkin spice and replace them with pumps of white chocolate mocha.

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