Starbucks, Maleficent-Inspired Frappuccino

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Local Starbucks' Baristas Might Hate Us For Telling You About this Disney Frapp

Order with caution

September 10, 2019

Fans of coffee and Disney, Starbuck's is totally making your fall with some really fun lattes and frappuccinos. 

Last week we learned about the Cinderella Latte, which is basically a pumpkin spice latte with white chocolate mocha; and now we have this- a Maleficent-inspired frappuccino. There's only one problem, you can't exactly get it locally. According to the Sun, the festive frapp is only being sold at Disney World and Disneyland Starbucks; but, we know what's in it, so if you don't mind being that guy, you can kindly ask your beast...I mean barista to make you one. 

The purple and green drink is made by blending blueberry juice, diced dragon fruit, a vanilla bean cream base and green whipped cream. The drink sells for around $7.

Order it if you dare. 

Listen well, all of you!-- Today is the first official day of Halloweentime at Disneyland! At Market House (the Starbucks on Main Street), there are two new Disney villain-inspired drinks! This one is the Maleficent Frappuccino. It’s a vanilla bean creme Frappuccino base with blueberry juice and dragonfruit blended in and topped with matcha whipped cream. I’m not really a Frappuccino person (did it for the ‘gram), but even I enjoyed this. I love the matcha whipped cream-- PSA from a Starbucks barista: we can make this drink for you at any store (minus the matcha whipped cream), but please make sure to tell your barista exactly what is in this, as it is not an official drink. Any other Starbucks Partners out there?---- ・ #disneylandfood_ #disneylandfood #foodsofdisneyland #foodsofdisney #eatdisneyland #disneyeats #disneyfood @disneyeats #DisneyFoodBlog @disneyfoodblog #abc7eyewitness #disneyland #disneytreats #disneyblog #disneytravel #food #foodie #eeeeeats #foodstagram #foodphotography #starbucks #markethouse #mainstreet #halloweentime #maleficent #frappuccino #colorful #starbuckssecretmenu #maleficentfrappuccino #instagrammable #forthegram

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