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Jim Beam's Bourbon Distillery is Now Offering Overnight Stays for $23 Per Night With Dinner, a Tour and Tasting

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October 17, 2019

Let's play a fun game of "Would You Rather?" Would you rather buy a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon for $23 or stay at the distillery overnight for the same price and also get treated to dinner, a tour and tasting? 

Tough choice, I know; but if you're in need of a vacation or a girl's weekend, then this is the perfect getaway for those who like some Jim in their gingerale, fancy Old Fashioneds and shots of Vanilla, Honey and Fire. 

According to Insider, there's an adorable home on Jim Beam's distillery property that can cozily accommodate 6 guests, overlooks a lake with fishing docks and even comes with fire pits for passing around the bottle after hours. 

It gets even better. During your one night stay, and you can only stay one night, you'll be treated to dinner at Fred's Smokehouse, tour the distillery, do a tasting of course, and then have a night cap with the fully stocked bar. 

Reservations are sure to fill up fast and you'll want to make them as soon as they're available on October 21st through AirBnB.  Check out the house and book your reservation here