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Study Confirms That Women Really Are Better at Remembering Everything

September 3, 2019

Remember that one time your boyfriend or husband forgot your birthday, and then your anniversary, and then there was that one time, 4 years ago, that he forgot Valentine's Day? 

Turns out he wasn't doing it because he didn't love you, and he wasn't trying to be disrespectful or hurtful; he was doing it because it's just in his DNA. 

That's at least according to Study Finds, who says that men forgetting things, especially important events, is a biological thing; and that women really are better at remembering those significant occasions. 

So what do women have that men don't? We have "episodic memory," which is the ability to remember both short-term and long-term events . . . like whether you took your medicine this morning, or the day you adopted your dog.

We're also better at remembering names, faces and smells.