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Turning 21 in 2020? Natty Light Wants to Give You FREE Beer

Natty Light wants to buy you your first legal beer

January 9, 2020

Are you turning 21 this year? 

If you're a law abiding citizen, then you'll finally be able to drink your very first beer; and I should warn you- you might not like the taste at first; but at least it will be FREE. 

According to WTHR, Natty Light Natural Light is celebrating its 43rd year in business this year, and they want newly legal drinkers to celebrate with them by giving away free beer. 

Here's how you claim your gift: simply go to and prove you turned 21 this year.

Plus, they'll make you internet famous when they pick your birthday photos to be featured on their website. On the 21st of each month they'll share their favorites, which must include the hashtag #NattyBDay, and you have to tag @naturallightbeer on Instagram and @naturallight on Twitter.