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Wendy's Is Going to Finally Start Serving Breakfast Next Year

What took them so long?

September 10, 2019

If you have a morning breakfast drive-thru routine, it soon could change because according to USA Today, Wendy's is about to serve up some square-shaped; fluffy eggs and sausage patties on warm biscuits and buns when they add breakfast to their menu...for the second time. 

Most of us might not remember this, but back in the 80's, they tried doing the whole breakfast thing, but it was too much of a scramble and the items were taking too long to make, so it was discontinued. 

The new rollout will begin in 2020, giving the fast food chain enough time to hire 20,000 more employees to prepare for the launch. 

There's no official word on what will be on the menu, but more information will be revealed on October 11th, which is Wendy's Investor Day. 

To learn more or to apply to be part of the breakfast crew, visit Wendy's Website.