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Mandy James

Where to Find the Elusive Busch Latte

It's out there, and we hunted it down for you

September 23, 2019

Two months ago, when Busch Beer announced that it was making the Busch "Latte" an actually thing, Minnesotans and beer lovers from across the Midwest waited with bated breath for it to hit liquor store shelves in August. 

And it did, just not in the Twin Cities Metro. 

After a recent trip to G-Will Liquors in Andover, I learned that despite saying the 30 racks would be sold in Minnesota, they aren't going to be after all...unless you live up north. 

According to friends of mine who traveled all the way to Iowa to get theirs, you can actually get the hard-to-find beer in Bagley, which is only 4 hours away. 

To be sure, I called Bagley Liquors and sure enough, they have 30 racks in stock. I chuckled at the news and gave the manager a kind warning, informing him that an influx of Busch fans could soon be invading his small-town store. 

You can also try liquor stores in Bemidji. A member of the WOLFPACK confirmed that she had  a supply of them in her fridge; she requested to remain anonymous...and I don't blame her. 

If you're up for a road trip or you have a Busch Beer fan in your life, call Bagley Liquors to see if they'll save you a rack- (218) 694-2542. 

Or you can also drive to Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska.