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White Claw is Coming Out With 8 New Flavors; Truly Responds

It's a battle of the hard seltzers

October 23, 2019

It all started with a meme. 

Yesterday I posted the following on our Facebook page:

white claw, white claw flavors, pumpkin spice white claw, eggnog white claw
Mandy James via Facebook

It didn't take long for the responses to roll in, mostly with laughter and comments on how horrible White Claw is; but one comment stuck out the most: My aunt Faye, who owns Talk of the Town Liqours in Jordan, became the talk of my Facebook page after she said that White Claw was coming out with 8 new flavors. 

I was intrigued, so I asked her to spill the seltzer and tell us what they were. As of right now, she only knows of two- watermelon and pineapple. 

She also said that Truly was coming out with new flavors, too; but she wasn't sure what they were. So, I did some digging and it turns out, she was right. 

According to Business Insider, in an effort to become the leading hard seltzer brand, Truly is revamping all of their flavors; there's also plans of adding two new ones- watermelon and kiwi- next month, and they're expanding their portfolio to include a lemonade variety pack that will come in 4 flavors that will have you yearning for summer. 

The battle of the best seltzer is officially on. As soon as I get more insider info on the other 6 flavors from White Claw, you'll be the first to know.