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Oh Deer, Wisconsin is Feeding Roadkill to Homeless People...For Real Doe

It's better than letting it rot on the side of the road

September 17, 2019

Have you ever hit a deer and then wondered what you should do next? 

If you're in Wisconsin, officials are hoping you'll report the accident right away so the deer can be used for food and not go to waste. 

And before you act surprised or shocked, this is way more common than you might think. This is something that states like Ohio and Alaska have been doing for some time now

According to WTVO, Trempealeau County began “Helping the Hungry" about 4 years ago when a dispatch sergeant wanted to find a better way to handle the 3-400 deer accident calls they get a year. Instead of just pulling the animals in the ditch and leaving them to rot, counties decided to feed the homeless with the meat instead. 

Since the program began, it's been getting a very positive response from the community and several families have been able to benefit from it.