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Writer Calls Red Lake County the Worst Place to Live in America; Then the Locals Fought Back

November 4, 2019

Time after time, day after day, we read numerous studies about the best and worst places to live in the country. What's interesting about these studies, is that 99% of them are based solely on data; rarely will you find that author(s) of the study have actually been to any of the places that they were ranking. 

That was the case for Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham, who wrote about a government ranking of couties across the U.S. based on natural amenities like scenery in climate; those findings put Red Lake County, Minnesota at the top of the list. Based on data only, he called the worst place to live in America. After hearing from local government officials and the locals coming to the defense of their small community, Ingraham moved his family there a year later; and he wrote a book about it.