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West Saint Paul Woman Pens Comically Passive-Aggressive 'Goodbye' Letter to the City

It's not hard to say goodbye

September 16, 2019

Saying "goodbye" can be really hard on some people. 

For those of us who have trouble finding the words to say outloud, it's easier, and often times best, to write them down or type them out for our loved ones to read. 

In Joy McAfee's case, she wanted to say goodbye to an 11-year relationship with West Saint Paul. Her family had just closed on their new home and it was time to move on, but not without writing a comically passive-aggressive "Dear John" kind of letter that she shared on the West Saint Paul Neighbors page on Facebook. 

Joy writes, 

"Dear West Saint Paul,

I'm taking time today after closing on our new home to reflect on our 11 year relationship. In our time together I've meet your family (neighbors and community members). We've had date nights together, I have brought my new born babies to you. I've screamed at them while nearly sledding into other children at your parks. I lost my first car from a dealership while sliding on your icy road. Remember when your water was tainted that one Summer and you told me at like 5pm? Great times.

We have journeyed together through school and job changes, daycares, and poorly placed medians. I have watched you evolve and you have caused me to challenge my own beliefs regarding politics, theology and public education. You have changed me.

Although we have to say goodbye I will always remember your chicken restaurants, Walmart checkout lines, city council meetings, strict lawn care policies and Facebook page posts more entertaining than a 90s sitcom.

In my heart I will carry the memory of watching the Women of West Saint Paul rally. Remember when they, no WE, smashed the patriarchal city council creating much needed change? Greatest times!

Thanks West Saint Paul for all the great memories. When ever I find myself visiting and things have changed I won't whine or complain. I'll simply remember how you changed me and I'll smile.

My final sentiments are best described in a quote from Lisa Simpson to a young Ralph Wiggums...

"Its not really goodbye... it's more like smell you later."

Your passive aggressive neighbor,

Joy McAfee"

Fellow residents and followers of the page got a good laugh and wished her well, but hoped that even though she was leaving WSP, that she wouldn't leave the page. Joy says, "I'm probably gonna. Hugs."